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“Time is on the side of the masses, and nothing can permanently frustrate their ultimate fulfillment.”                                                                                                                                               ...Kwame Nkrumah
REVOLUTIONARY GREETINGS... The Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party (PRSP) welcomes you to our website. The purpose of this site is to introduce you to our party and to encourage you to join us, or some other revolutionary party, and become a more active force in the process of developing a more just world.
In 1964, Malcolm X said, “The first thing the (white racist) does when he comes in power, he takes all the Negro leaders and invites them for coffee. To show that he’s alright. And those Uncle Toms can’t pass up the coffee. They come away from the coffee table telling you and me that this man is all right,” excerpt from his speech, “The Ballot or The Bullet.” Malcolm X's words ring just as true today as they did 53 years ago.  Certain Africans will sell out their people to stuff their own pockets and will align themselves with the enemy. They do not represent the masses, but only themselves. Real change will come through revolution! Death to capitalism! Struggle for socialism! Educate. Mobilize. Organize.
Though   he   was   respected   and   revered   here   on   Earth,   Dr.   Ahmed   Fletcher   Mbalia,   lovingly   referred   to   as “Baba,”   was   called   to   be   with   the   ancestors   on   July   3,   2017.      He   was   born   in   Washington   D.C   on   June   18, 1941   to   Esther   and   LeRoy   Smith.      He   took   on   many   roles   throughout   his   life:      working   for   several   non-profits, counseling   people   in   need,   and   teaching   in   the   Department   of   Africology   at   the   University   of   Wisconsin- Milwaukee   (UWM)   for   over   twenty   years.   However,   he   may   best   be   known   for   his   fight   for   the   rights   of   ALL African people, those at home and those abroad. Baba   was   a   co-founder   of   Africans   on   the   Move    (AOM),   a   non-profit   organization   comprised   of   African   people born   throughout   the   world   whose   chief   goal   is   to   provide   African   people   with   educational   information   and cultural   events   that   push   forward   their   struggle   for   liberation.      Like   the   Garveys   of   the   Universal   Negro Improvement   Association   (UNIA),   he   fervently   believed   that   once   Africa   is   free   and   united,   all   people   of African   descent   would   receive   justice.      Thus,   he   helped   to   start   the   annual   GarveyFest   held   in   Milwaukee.     Like   Carter   G.   Woodson,   Mary   McLeod   Bethune   and   others,   he   believed   that   teaching   African   youths   their history   and   culture   would   ensure   that   they   grow   up   to   help   struggle   for   the   liberation   of   their   people.      Thus, he   co-founded   Watoto   Uhuru   Shule   (Children’s   Freedom   School).      Last,   but   not   least,   Ahmed   F.   Mbalia   was   a member   of   the   Pan-African   Revolutionary   Socialist   Party   (PRSP),   an   organization   struggling   for   Pan-Africanism:     a united, socialist Africa. He   was   preceded   in   passing   by   his   mother   and   father,   Esther   and   LeRoy   Smith.   Baba   left   a   powerful   legacy behind   to   be   carried   on   by   his   loved   ones:      Doreatha   Mbalia   (wife),   Eric   Smith   (Brother),   Michael   Smith   (son), Carole   Smith   Neal   (daughter),   Jelani   Mbalia   (son),   Kwame   Mbalia   (son),   Jendayi   Mbalia   (daughter),   Kamau Mbalia   (son), Ayanna   Neal   (granddaughter),   Jalil   Rogers   (grandson),   Shani   Mbalia   (granddaughter),   Kendi   Mbalia (granddaughter),   Layla   Mbalia   (granddaughter),   Nia   Mbalia   (granddaughter),   Ameenah   Mbalia   (granddaughter) and a host of loving family members, friends and political comrades. Though   his   body   has   gone,   the   principles   he   lived   by--humanism,   collectivism   and   egalitarianism--surely   live on   through   his   spirit   and   the   flesh   of   his   loved   ones.   Baba   will   be   gravely   missed,   but   we   know   he   is   now resting peacefully with the ancestors.  Forward ever, Backward never!